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Shakespeare Pipe Highly Figured Myrtle 12 Inches Long Pipe details: • Bowl – Oregon Myrtlewood 2″ • Stem – Large Leaf Maple • Depth of bowl – 1 inch • Stem Length – 12 inches • Inside bowl diameter – .75 inch

Pipes, New Creations – Imgur

Pipes, New Creations – Imgur.

Dragon Egg Pipe Rusticated Handmade of Highly by FloggleWerks

Dragon Egg Pipe Rusticated Handmade of Highly by FloggleWerks. This is a real professionally made smoking pipe, one that is for actual use. It comes with directions on how to properly smoke a new wooden pipe. The pipe measures 8.5 inches long. Bowl – Myrtlewood Depth of bowl 1.128″in Length – 8 Inside bowl diameter… Continue reading Dragon Egg Pipe Rusticated Handmade of Highly by FloggleWerks

Pipe Rest Handcrafted Leather Birch Leaf by FloggleWerks on Etsy

Pipe Rest Handcrafted Leather Leaves by FloggleWerks on Etsy.

Pipes, A Short History of

FloggleWerks: Photo. Pipes, A Short History of 1840 – Briar pipes make their debut in France. Europe being the center of finance and fashion at the time, briar from the white heath shrub and known for tight pores,excellent taste and ability to withstand the heat, was expensive then and expensive now. Early 1700’s- Meerschaum, clay-like… Continue reading Pipes, A Short History of

Coffee Stained Pipes

Caramel Pipe 12 Inch Highly Figured Myrtle by FloggleWerks on Etsy. Stained with Coffee (Decaf of course) Staining pipes with ‘Human Friendly and Organic’ products had lead me down quite the path. I have tried everything from food coloring (makes a horrible mess and leaches from the pipe after months of drying and still stains… Continue reading Coffee Stained Pipes