Nutz Pipe

This rusticated smoking pipe has a natural Pacific Big Leaf Maple bowl and colored maple stem stained with all natural non-toxic plant based stain. All pipes are finished with a light coat of carnuaba wax, a completely natural and human safe plant based wax. Pipe details: • Bowl – Pacific Big Leaf Maple • Stem… Continue reading Nutz Pipe

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Holiday Churchwardens – Imgur

Holiday Churchwardens – Imgur. Fruit woods are the best for pleasurable smoking! The materials I use to make this pipe are from a rare evergreen hardwood fruit tree, called the Oregon Myrtle (Umbellularia). Known for the wonderful spicey and woody scent, it has also been called pepperwood, spicebush, cinnamon bush, peppernut tree, mountain laurel,… Continue reading Holiday Churchwardens – Imgur

Herb Pipes History and Why

Hobbit Herb Pocket Pipe Highly Figured Myrtle 8 by FloggleWerks. Herb Pipes History and Why Herb pipes have been found in dig sites as far back as 1500 BC (or BCE for the politically correct). Herb pipes were used for ceremonial, medicinal and leisure activities throughout the ages and across every known peopled continent. I… Continue reading Herb Pipes History and Why

Churchwarden Pipes – Imgur

Churchwarden Pipes – Imgur.