Herbs for Pipe Smoking

Herbs for Pipe SmokingAs many of you know, pipe tobacco processing is usually a multiple step process.  There are some great articles about the process and I have provided a link to one of my favorites here:http://pipesmagazine.com/blog/put-that-in-your-pip…and some historical content:http://pipesmagazine.com/blog/drink-accompaniments…But what about the herbs?  In the final process of aromatics you encounter a Top Dressing… Continue reading Herbs for Pipe Smoking

Groomsmen, for the

GROOMSMEN gift set of churchwardens, personalized FREE, Gift Wrapped FREE, Individually labeled for recipient FREE! You receive your chosen set number of personalized Hobbit Hole pipes, gift wrapped with the recipients names on each package and directions for breaking in their pipes. Groomsmen Gift Set Pipe details: You receive your chosen set number of personalized Hobbit Hole,… Continue reading Groomsmen, for the

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Nutz Pipe

This rusticated smoking pipe has a natural Pacific Big Leaf Maple bowl and colored maple stem stained with all natural non-toxic plant based stain. All pipes are finished with a light coat of carnuaba wax, a completely natural and human safe plant based wax. Pipe details: • Bowl – Pacific Big Leaf Maple • Stem… Continue reading Nutz Pipe