FloggleWerks Engineering and Pipe Care

About Your FloggleWerks Pipe
Break in instructions are provided with every FloggleWerks pipe. However, for those persons seeking further information on proper development of your pipe cake and maintenance, we provide the following tutorial.

First, your FloggleWerks all wood pipe is uniquely designed to provide a cool ergonomic smoking experience without harmful glues.

flogglewerks pipe engineering

Pipe smoking is meant to be leisurely and it is not uncommon to take up to 30 minutes to smoke a bowl. Breaking in your pipe should be just as leisurely. Be sure to evenly pack and light your tobacco without creating rapid hot spots while drawling on the lit pipe, which will cause your pipe to crack.

As you break in your pipe, following the FlogglwWerks instructions, slowly filling the bowl with each smoke and letting the 24 hour cooling process to build your cake you may notice small carbon cake fissures forming at the entrance of the Gravity Sub-Chamber. These fissures are completely normal and will fill over time. Not all pipes will experience these fissures, as they are a product of tobacco moisture forming rivulets down to the sub-chamber. A proper protective cake is forming under these rivulets.

Properly cared for, your FloggleWerks pipe will last a lifetime. After a pipe has been smoked for an extended period its cake may become so thick that it significantly reduces the capacity of the bowl. In very extreme cases, an overly thick cake may actually crack the bowl due to differential expansion. Ideally, the cake should not exceed one-sixteenth of an inch (about 1.5 mm) or so. When the cake exceeds this thickness, it should be carefully reamed. Whatever reaming device you choose to use, work slowly and carefully so as not to damage your pipe. The idea is to gradually shave the cake down to the proper thickness, not scrape it out in chunks.

When your pipe is thoroughly cooled after smoking, remove your all wood stem and run a pipe cleaner through the stem to clear out any build up or moisture. Do not leave the pipe cleaner in the stem, as this will allow bacteria from moisture to form.

Properly replace your stem after cleaning:
Please be sure that you are seating the stem properly itself. This may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised and how often this can be the fix you’re looking for if your stem fit feels loose. The tapered non-flattened end should be inserted into the bowl, directly following the intake hole. Don’t be afraid to push firmly, as the stem may go in further than you think – and that is a good thing! A slight twist while inserting can ensure a nice air-tight fit, then straighten as needed. Please also be sure that you do not purposefully remove the stem while your pipe is still hot at any time, as this can cause warping in the wood and you might end up with a bad fit. I do suggest to try inserting it firmly and having a smoke, and allowing your pipe to cool completely afterward without removing the stem. Doing this a few times over the course of the break-in period can really secure the fit of the two pieces as they form together during the heating and cooling process.

The exterior of your pipe can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. We do not suggest using cleaners or alcohol, as these tend to remove the woods natural oils.


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