Herb Pipes History and Why

Herb Pipe

Hobbit Herb Pocket Pipe Highly Figured Myrtle 8 by FloggleWerks.
Herb Pipes History and Why
Herb pipes have been found in dig sites as far back as 1500 BC (or BCE for the politically correct). Herb pipes were used for ceremonial, medicinal and leisure activities throughout the ages and across every known peopled continent. I am sure you knew that but did you know that Herb Pipes are an excellent resource for kicking cigarette smoking addictions? Many of my customers have enjoyed the walk down the herb path, while moving away from nicotine, and have never looked back.
Herbs come in many varieties and combinations. Some provide calming effects. The combination of keeping your hands busy with the pipe while calming those frayed nicotine nerves seems to be a winning combination!


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