Coffee Stained Pipes

Caramel Pipe 12 in Highly Figured Myrtle

Caramel Pipe 12 Inch Highly Figured Myrtle by FloggleWerks on Etsy.
Stained with Coffee (Decaf of course)
Staining pipes with ‘Human Friendly and Organic’ products had lead me down quite the path. I have tried everything from food coloring (makes a horrible mess and leaches from the pipe after months of drying and still stains lips and hands) to Sun baking woods with egg whites (don’t go there!). Old world techniques are hard to nail down and vague in detail but I have managed to recreate the coffee stain process with much success! The outcome, as you can see from the pic, provides a warm coffee caramel luster. The trick is the correct temperature and the granular size of semi-moist specific breed coffee grounds and the correct wood.
After you are done staining your own pipe, feel free to dump the ingredients in the coffee pot (waste not want not).


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