How to Make a Magic Wand by FloggleWerks

Custom Wand by FloggleWerks
Custom Wand by FloggleWerks

Custom Wand by FloggleWerks on Etsy.

For those of you wondering How to make a Magic Wand, I have included the FloggleWerks tightly held secret, as there seems to be a lack of magic in the world these days.
Initially, one must take into account the items required, logistics, gear required to harvest said items and the appropriate time schedules.
The handiest of items to include on your harvesting quest include:
1. Discombobulator (duh!)
2. Runed harvesting axe (or branch cutting tool if you have not learned runing skills)
3. Glow Stones (or flashlight if unavailable)
4. Bad of holding (Comfort item but not required)
5. Lunar and Seasonal Harvest calendars
6. Forbidden Forest Map (Unless you like to wander around lost for long period of times. However, a geocaching gps unit works well too!)
Once you have gathered the appropriate gear and located the Forbidden Forest, you must consult the Lunar and Seasonal Harvest Map for the correct cycle to harvest the wand materials.
I find it easiest and most rewarding to harvest on the Waning Moon during the Fini Berry Bloom season. You may be successful during first snowfalls in summer during a Blue Moon but your chances of success fall considerably.
Assuming you have located the Forbidden Forest during the correct calendar event, it is now time to locate the appropriate growth! I suggest you select a Wenge or Paduak sample, for your first try. Wenge lends itself to drawing strength from Earth and Water. Whereas, Paduak draws from fire and all Wand Tinkerers possess Inner Fire, to some degree. Harvesting the aforementioned thus allows you to harvest with a basic connection to the elements readily available to the novice.
Now that you have located your wood source you will want to place your Glow Stones at a double-headed branch growing back into a major limb. The branch should be of sufficient length and girth for wand material. Working under the glow of your stones, utilize your Runed Harvesting Axe With the Runes Facing Polaris and AWAY FROM YOU (safety first!).
Immediately after you have harvested the magical material, you will want to walk backwards out of the woods. As common knowledge dictates that the magic will leak out if you walk forward with a raw wand. Once back at your workshop, widdle your wand grip to fit your fingers AND thumb, with a protection ring above your pointing finger towards the tip of the wand. This will keep spells from rebounding on you! An important part of all wands that is ofter overlooked by untraining tinkerers.
When the wand it complete, let it stand in the light of the full moon,turn on your Discombobulator while wearing alternate shades of pink and green and let stand for 48 hours.
Viola! Your Wand is Complete.
Safety Warning:
Wands should not be harvested by those under the age of 16, ballerinas, scuba divers and chefs for obvious reasons. Wand harvesting and widdling may cause hives, confusion, constepation and/or dangling participles.


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